Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Post

I don't really know where this blog will go, but I've been wanting to start one for a long time. Last year inspired me and reignited my love of reading, writing, teaching, and technology. I want to write about these things. While I hope that people eventually read what I have to say, the point for me is really to help myself reflect and organize my thoughts in one place. I also think it will be fun to read old posts in a few years...hopefully this will be a way to watch myself grow as a teacher and maybe even as a writer. 

I thought a good place to start would be with reflecting about last year's goals and setting new goals for this year. 

Reflections about 2010-11 school goals: 
  • Keep a positive attitude. -hmmm...I'd say I was able to do that about 70% of the time. Not bad!
  • Mind my own business. -I'm getting there
  • Don't take on more than I can handle. -March was rough, but otherwise, any overflow was due to my own procrastination.
  • Grade most written assignments on (be green!).-success!!
  • Go to the gym three days after school per week. -overall I give myself an A for this, but there were some times where I didn't stick to this. We can't win 'em all.
  • Keep my iPhone in the car when I go into the building. -not even a little bit, but I decided after writing these goals that this one really shouldn't be here anyway.
  • Find a fun and fair way to use udemy as a valuable part of class. -success!
  • Listen to student feedback about udemy and adjust accordingly. -success! Still tweaking to get it to be where I want it to be, but the online component transformed our class. 
  • Create more detailed discussion guides to focus discussion more. -I get a B- on this...I did improve, but I need to be more consistent.
  • Start giving lit quizzes again. -I got better. Still needs work.
  • Get a normal bedtime. -I was doing so well with this, but I fell off the wagon a lot toward the end of the year. It is a priority again this year.
  • Drink enough water. -Usually. 
  • Don't bite nails. -This didn't happen during the school year, but I'm optimistic now that I have the color gels.
  • Don't do schoolwork on Saturdays. -I actually came to enjoy my Saturday B&N time, so I can't complain that I didn't stick to this.
  • Wear makeup more often. -Still not nearly enough. I should probably go to the MAC store and get some new eye shadow. You know, for motivational purposes only.
  • Be at school by 7:15 (leave the house by 6:45). -I stuck with this until winter break and then fell apart in January. Maybe this year I can keep it up until Feb!
  • Stay at school till 4:00 three days per week; use the time productively so I don't have to bring work home. -While I did manage my time better, I didn't quite stick to this. 
  • Start watching Jeopardy! again. -I did well with this in the fall and winter, but once spring hit, I let myself get too far behind. The Watson week was awesome, though.
  • Keep blog updated. -this is referring to my homework blog, not this one (obviously). I'd say I had it updated 90% of the time. Not bad.
  • Make lesson plans more detailed. -let's try this again now that I'm using GDocs for LPs.
  • No whining! -I'm getting there.
  • Crochet something. -I made at hat but frogged it. I think that still counts.
  • Cook more. -Yes, and I even started taking cooking classes!
  • Keep to-do list updated. -I really, really need to be better at making to-do lists this year.
  • Actually do things on to-do list. -Haha. See above.
  • Don't get complacent. -I didn't! I'm more fired up than ever before.
  • Choose your battles. -I did.
  • Stay funny. -How could I not?
  • And again (because it's most important), stay positive! -Woo hoo!

    New goals for 2011-12 school year:

    • Stay positive!
    • Get a bedtime routine (10-11pm on weeknights; midnight on weekends).
    • Read every night before bed.
    • Put away the tech (except Kindle) by 10pm on school nights.
    • Blog once a week.
    • Tweet blog posts and hope for retweets.
    • When things are nice, pause and say, "Well if this isn't nice, I don't know what is." 
    • Read edtech articles once a week (preferably via Twitter/Tweetdeck).
    • Grade all written work within two weeks.
    • Take risks and have fun with new IB Lang/Lit curriculum.
    • Become comfortable with new IB Lang/Lit curriculum.
    • Take a pottery class.
    • Continue taking cooking classes. 
    • Keep class wiki updated.
    • Curb the sarcasm, especially with the frosh (and my mom).
    • Keep getting the color gels.
    • Make GDocs lesson plans uber detailed.
    • Go on dates.
    • Go to the gym three days after school per week.
    • Add one weekend day to gym schedule.
    • Eat right (ice cream is ok).
    • Complete the half marathon on October 2 (run/walk is ok).
    • Arrive at school by 7:15 every day.
    • Stay organized.
    • Get an apartment.
    • Decorate apartment in a cohesive way. 
    • Wear makeup more often.
    • Continue going to bookstores/coffee shops to grade.
    • No whining!
    • Keep a current to-do list.
    • Be funny.
    • Be assertive but not mean.
    • Co-write an article about NBC process.
    • Post one new poem or prose piece to Figment every month.
    • Learn something new every day.
    • Let the students be the teacher from time to time.
    • Reread the Harry Potter series when it comes out on pottermore.
    • Have fun and laugh every day!

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